Review: Birchbox (“Welcome Box”) June 2013


Hey, ladies! I just received my Birchbox “Welcome Box” in the mail and I am really excited to share my samples with you. I know what you’re thinking… “Jocelyn, why did you receive a Welcome Box when you’ve been subscribed to Birchbox for months?” Well, dear reader, I will explain that in this review, don’t you worry!


In case you don’t know, Birchbox is a monthly subscription box of 4-5 beauty and lifestyle samples that costs $10 per month, with free shipping. Birchbox is the granddaddy of all subscription boxes and most people start with this subscription before their addiction spirals out of control. Birchbox allows its subscribers to complete a personal beauty profile so that they can receive samples tailored to their needs. Every month is a surprise because they send out various boxes of different samples. I love subscription boxes because they allow me to build up my make-up collection without spending too much money in one sitting. Thanks to subscriptions like Birchbox, I’ll never need to buy eyeliner, lip-gloss, or blush, ever again. If you’re interested in subscribing after reading my review, please ask me for my referral link so that I can get credit for referring you.


Now, I know that this is a “Welcome Box” which is sent out to gift recipients, but I’ve actually been subscribed on and off to Birchbox since September 2012. Sometimes I just don’t feel like paying $10 for what Birchbox has to offer, so I found a way around the $10 per month by taking advantage of Birchbox’s points system. Birchbox easily has the best points/rewards program available. You can earn $10 worth of credit to spend in their store on full-size products just by reviewing 10 samples (2 boxes). Unfortunately, these points cannot be spent on the box subscription itself. Nonetheless, I have concocted a great scheme between two Birchbox accounts where I can use my credits to send myself gift subscriptions. This time I purchased a 3-month gift subscription for myself ($30 regularly) for only $10 (since I had $20 in rewards points). In addition to my 3-month subscription, I also got a Birchbox Pick-Two sample pack for free since my order was over $25 (a standard BB store bonus).* These bonus products are noted at the end of my review.


To start off this gift subscription, Birchbox sent me a “Welcome Box.” From my understanding, this first box features items that should match all skin tones and varieties of hair so that no woman is excluded.


This box looked very similar to the June box that other subscribers received, including the same internationally themed postcards to inspire everyone’s inner wanderlust.


This box was packed full with five samples!


1. Whish Shaving Cream (Blueberry) 


I actually received this sample in my March Box and really liked it. Birchbox usually does not send out duplicate products, but “Welcome Boxes” are like wild cards. This shea-based shaving cream left my legs feeling super soft and nourished. I would never spend $20 on a bottle of this, but the sample is really fun to try. I’m travelling to Ohio to visit my family soon so I’ll definitely take this travel-sized cream with me.

Full-size product price: $20.00      Sample value: $2.93

2. Juicy Couture’s Couture La La


Again, I received this product in my March Box. This perfume is very floral and very strong, but that is just not a smell that I enjoy. I didn’t use the last sample, so I won’t even bother opening this. It will definitely end up in a blog giveaway.

Full-size product price: $19-$90     Sample value: $1.32

3. COOLA Classic SPF 30 Cucumber Moisturizer for Face


Oh, I totallllllly had my fingers crossed that this would come in my box and it did! I received this sample last month and fell in love (even my boyfriend loved this sunscreen!). At first I was really skeptical that any sunscreen could be worth $32, but this bad boy is amazing. So thin, delicate, effective, non-oily, and delicious smelling: perfect for every summer day outdoors. This sample is also much more generous than it seems because I was able to get at least 5 uses out of the last tube. Definitely taking this to Ohio with me!

Full-size product value: $32.00     Sample value: $4.32

4. Color Club Wunderlust Mini-Nail Polish (London Calling)

IMG_2334 IMG_2335

This super neon, pastel green polish is a Birchbox exclusive made for this month’s semi-international business launch by BB. As I have said at least 46 times on this blog, I don’t use nail polish nor do I have any interest in starting, so this polish will be happily passed on in a blog giveaway.

Full-size product: $8.00 (4 mini-polishes)       Sample value: $2.00

5. La Fresh Oil-Free Face Cleanser


The only facial towelette I’ve tried from La Fresh was a Makeup Removal wipe that Ipsy sent out in March. Those wipes gave my eyes the most awful burning sensation ever so I’m a little apprehensive to try these cleansing towelettes, but the individual wrapping will be a very, very convenient addition to my purse. This item is currently living in my purse until the day that I need it and don’t have my favorite wipes on hand. I’ll probably never buy these wipes considering that I have already found my holy grail towelettes and could never deviate (Pond’s).

Full-size product price: $9.99     Sample value: $0.33

These two items below are from the Birchbox Bonus Shop: extra products that are added on to orders for free or for a specific price. This sample pack is regularly $10, but was free with orders over $25 (which my gift subscription order was).* Its total value was approximately $15, not including shipping, so that is definitely a nice free addition to my order!


The nail polish appliques were passed on in a blog giveaway, while the little anti-redness and anti-aging sample was passed on to my lovely mother. :)

So, my total Birchbox value was $10.90 (not including the bonus products or shipping), which is about the same as what the box costs ($10). This box does not have a great value, but at least this box will also score me 50 Birchbox points (for reviews) and that will get me halfway to $10 in the Birchbox shop. Overall the products were alright. I’m definitely excited about the shaving cream and the sunscreen for my upcoming travel, but I couldn’t care less about the rest of the products. Here’s to hoping next month is better for me!

*Note: The Birchbox Bonus shop has since CHANGED. Now orders must be over $35 to receive the Pick Two bonus samples. Bummer! It’s almost like they’ve caught on to my scheme…
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10 thoughts on “Review: Birchbox (“Welcome Box”) June 2013

    1. jocelynd123 Post author

      I definitely think that Birchbox is worth the money if you are someone who likes to sample (skincare, nail polish, and hair care mostly) before purchasing the full-size version. However, if you’re just looking to build a makeup collection then there are better subscriptions for the price (Ipsy, Starlooks, maybe Sample Society and maybe Beauty Box Five). It all depends what you’re expecting.

  1. Sammi

    Those LA Fresh wipes from Ipsy’s March bag burned my eyes, too, so I’m pretty skeptical of the brand as of right now. I’m going back and forth between signing up for Birchbox. I really don’t NEED another subscription, and although Ipsy hasn’t impressed me for quite a few months (except for May, I loved May), I don’t want to cancel now that they started new features (the reviews, the referrals, etc.). It would be possible for me to have Ipsy for makeup and Birchbox for skincare, but I don’t really need two subscriptions per month…. That’s just a personal decision I’ll have to make, haha! Great post!

  2. thehungrythrifter

    I also gifted myself 3 months last month using points- and so far my welcome box last month and this month’s ‘gifted’ box have been two of my favorites so far! I wonder if they make gift boxes better to get the giftee to subscribe?? I did change up my profile a bit on the gifted sub, so maybe I’ll make my main account the same and see what happens!


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