Review: Brazen Cosmetics Samples (With Swatches)

Hey, ladies! The last few weeks I have mentioned multiple times that Brazen Cosmetics gives out free samples if you simply send them a self-addressed envelope. Well, I decided to buck up and request some samples and here is my review of what they sent me!


I thought it would be useful for me to actually review the products so that you can decide whether or not to request some for yourself, or even to buy some cosmetics from the independent brand. Personally, I love small, growing cosmetics companies and I love supporting their businesses, especially if they have quality products. Maybe this will inspire you to try a lesser known brand, too!


So, in my envelope, Brazen graciously sent me two organic liquid lipstick samples and three organic mineral eyeshadows lipsticks. Let me get my first (and only) negative statement out of the way. I absolutely cringe when companies send loose cosmetics in packets. I think everyone can understand how difficult to use these samples are. Nonetheless, I do understand that this was a FREE sample and this is a totally cost effective way to send cosmetics. So, take my complaint with a grain of sugar.

First, I’ll start with the organic mineral eyeshadows. Brazen sent me three eyeshadows: Karma (a medium purple with a matte finish), Sugar Skull (a bold forest green with a slightly satin/pearl quality), and Santa Margarita (a citrus, golden yellow with a satin/pearl quality).




As far as color goes, I actually really liked all of these shadows. I probably wouldn’t wear the yellow or green on a regular basis, but they are very unique shadows that will be great every once in a while. I have nothing like them in my collection. The purple is surprisingly wearable and really flattering on my greenish/brownish eyes. These shadows definitely look best with a primer. They are highly blendable and the color payoff is pretty great with the more pearled shadows. Overall, I was definitely happy with the quality of these mineral eyeshadows. I do really like mineral eyeshadows because their color payoff is usually just so intense, and these shadows definitely have that.


While toying around with these samples, I quickly made two eye looks (please excuse my crazy eyebrows; they needed trimmed). Even though all of these mineral eyeshadows have a slight shimmer in them, they apply relatively matte. First is my eye featuring the Sugar Skull (green) and the Santa Margarita (yellow). With a little blending, these colors mesh very well.


Secondly, I used the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Too Cool (the white shimmer) with Karma (the purple shadow) and was able to create a lovely purple eye. I found that the cream show in Too Cool really helped this purple pop. All three of these shadows can be easily layered for intensity, so one purple shadow can have many shades.


Now, on to the organic liquid lipsticks. These lip colors are from a new line of liquid lipsticks recently launched at Brazen. I received two colors: Panacea (a golden brown/bronze with glitter) and Nerd Repellant (a bright hot pink with glitter).



To be honest, the Panacea color was just not made for me. I’m so pale and pink that this bronze looked very out of place. I think it was made for a much darker girl. As well, the color just did not transfer well to my lips. Maybe my lips are too pigmented for this bronzy lipstick?


Trying on Nerd Repellant was much more successful! This bright hot pink is actually not too bold or scary. In fact, it’s quite nice. At first, I was really put off by the amount of shimmer in this lipstick, but it was much less obtrusive on my lips.


Nerd Repellant goes very well with my pale complexion. I can totally see myself buying this because it is so different from everything else I own but not outlandish.


Above is a photo of me wearing this liquid lipstick on my lips AND as a slight cheek stain. I really like matching my lips with my cheeks and these lipsticks have a non-sticky texture that makes it a very plausible cream blush. Two products in one!

Well, ladies, that is my review of all five Brazen samples. Hopefully I’ve introduced you to some new cosmetics, and at the very least convinced you to send in for these samples! If you get your hands on Brazen samples, please let me know what you think, and let me know what color variations you received!

Disclaimer: I received these complimentary products with no obligation to review them and I received no special consideration from Brazen Cosmetics. All of my opinions are based on my own experience.
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